Results Of Hilltoppers Softball vs Española

In the 8th inning, Shelby Milligan dives for 1st base and was safe. Photo by John McHale/
The Catcher, Jayde Tucker smacked an over the fence home run in the 5th inning. Photo by John McHale/
The short stop, Lauren Harris catches the throw fron home plate but not in time for the tag in the 4th inning. Photo by John McHale/
The Toppers softball team played a double hitter in Espanola this past Saturday. 
Espanola and Los Alamos are neck-n-neck in the District standings and a sweep of these games would put Los Alamos in the drivers seat for the District title. Los Alamos came out swinging in the first game and managed to win 5-4 in 8 innings. 
However in the second game, the wheels seemed to came off and the Toppers dropped the game 11-1 in 5 in 5 innings. 
So, the two teams are still in the same position in the District standings. The next meeting of these two teams will take place April 26 in Los Alamos and that game may well decide the District title. 
Jade Tucker catches a pop-up home plate the 4th inning for the 2nd out. Photo by John McHale/
The second baseman, Taylor Collins gets under an infield fly in the 3rd inning for the 3rd out. Photo by John McHale/
Pitcher, Reyna Lucero pitched an entire game and did outstanding jog.  She threw about 130 pitches and had 6 strikeouts and allowed only 1 walk. She was credited with the win. Photo by John McHale/
In the dugout, L/R Mariah Mauro, Megan Romero and Lauren Harris weight for the game to begin. Seems to be a bit of tension in the air. Photo by John McHale/