Resident Reveals Pigeon Infestation at Stables

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Staff report:

A local resident has contacted the Los Alamos Daily Post for assistance in solving a situation that has developed at the Los Alamos County Horse Stables.

The resident submitted the following this morning:

“Just wondered if there was anything you could do to help us – someone has been feeding pounds and pounds of birdseed to the pigeons in the Farrier Shed by the stables for more than a year.

That building is full of feces and the pigeons are getting to be a nuisance, getting feces in water troughs and barns throughout the stables.

Animal control put up a sign stating it is against state regs to feed them. Other signs citing diseases they carry and that they scare horses riding by have also been posted.

The person just tears them down. It doesn’t seem like this is a person who has horses at the stables, but no one knows who it is.

Could you do a writeup on feeding wildlife and especially pigeons? We are going to start shooting them if nothing else can be done.

Editor’s note: The Los Alamos Daily Post will research this situation and report the findings. Check back at for more on this developing story.

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