Request To Use Equivalent U.S. EPA Method For Measurement Of Potentiometric pH In Waste Processes Added To LANL Legacy Cleanup Electronic Reading Room

LANL News:

Per regulatory requirements, Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) announces new documents have been added to the Los Alamos Legacy Cleanup Contract Electronic Public Reading Room.

All legacy cleanup documents required to be posted after April 30, 2018, are available on the site linked above.

For legacy cleanup documents that were posted prior to April 30, 2018, visit the LANL electronic public reading room:

  • Request to Use an Equivalent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Method for Measurement of Potentiometric pH in the Waste Processes in Dome 231 for the Los Alamos National Laboratory Hazardous Waste Facility Permit, EPA ID # NM0890010515 (Link)

Members of the public with any questions, contact N3B Los Alamos.

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