Rep. Steinborn Introduces Lobbyist Disclosure Bills


SANTA FE – Rep. Jeff Steinborn has introduced three pieces of legislation to require full disclosure of all lobbying spending in the state, specific bills and administrative issues lobbyists are hired to work on, and the names of legislators that have been given gifts and meals by them.

“With the role of money in politics, it’s more important than ever that New Mexicans are able to see how much money special interests are spending to influence policy. Current law shields lobbyists’employers from having to report huge amounts of money being spent to influence the legislative process,” Steinborn said.

Given the rules of the 30-day legislative session, Gov. Susana Martinez must issue a “message” for the legislation to allow it to move through the committee process. Steinborn encouraged the Governor to support making governmental ethics and transparency a major tenant of the session “I encourage Governor Martinez to allow for the introduction of all government ethics and transparency bills this session and help make New Mexico a leader in full disclosure.

  • House Bill 135 would require the employers of lobbyists to file bi-annual reports disclosing all funding spent to lobby the New Mexico State Government.
  • House Bill136 would require lobbyists to disclose specific pieces of legislationand administrative issues they are hired to work on.
  • House Bill 137 would require lobbyists to specifically list each legislator who receives a gift, meal, or other expenditure from them.

In the previous legislative session Steinborn successfully passed legislation requiring the Secretary of State’s Office to report existing lobbyist spending on its website in a searchable and downloadable format.