Rep. Kelly Fajardo Leads Effort To Reform New Mexico’s Capital Outlay System

Rep. Kelly Fajardo (R-Valencia)

House Republican Communications News:

SANTA FE – Rep. Kelly Fajardo (R-Valencia) and Sen. Joseph Cervantes (D-Doña Ana) introduced legislation to reform New Mexico’s capital outlay system. Their bill, Senate Bill 262, would create a new transparent evaluation process to allocate funding to the state’s capital projects.

“For years, lawmakers have been discussing ways to improve our current capital outlay process. It’s time to move from talk to action,” Fajardo said. “As legislators, we have a duty to ensure government money is being spent efficiently, effectively and appropriately. The process set forth in this bill will help us prioritize projects to provide the best return on our infrastructure investments.”

Senate Bill 262 would create a new interim committee to vet public works project proposals. The committee would solicit input from state agencies and legislators on the projects and set objective criteria for scoring each project. Aspects such as project readiness, its effect on public health and safety, and economic impact would be considered. The committee would prioritize these projects and include the highest scoring projects in an annual capital funding bill.

Senate Bill 262 has been referred to the Senate Rules Committee and the Senate Finance Committee.