Rep. Candie Sweetser’s Tiny House Bill Passes 66-0

Rep. Candie Sweetser


SANTA FE — Rep. Candie Sweetser (D-Deming) recognized the emergence of the tiny house industry, with her bill to define and allow assessors to review tiny homes. Monday night, her HB 512 passed unanimously by a vote of 66-0.

Tiny homes arrived on the scene in recent years as a creative way for people to live sustainably and own a home without the burden of unmanageable mortgage payments.

“I think this is the beginning of giving tiny homes an avenue to move forward in New Mexico,” Rep. Sweetser said. “This bill facilitates options for New Mexicans who are looking to live in tiny homes.”

Tiny homes have expanded housing opportunities for young people and low income individuals, and have also been proposed to help address homelessness across the country. This bill will begin to address concerns of tiny house contractors and New Mexicans seeking to create a market for alternative housing options.

This bill has the potential to support a new industry in the state, creating new jobs in the process.

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