Rep. Angelica Rubio Embarks On Historic Bike Ride

Rep. Angelica Rubio
LAS CRUCES Rep. Angelica Rubio of New Mexico House Dist. 35 began her near 300-mile bicycle ride Friday from Las Cruces to Santa Fe.
Rubio left from Klein Park in the historic Mesquite District. The send-off included a blessing from members of the Piro Manso-Tiwa Indian Tribe del Pueblo de San Juan de Guadalupe.
“It’s my hope that by cycling to the capital I can encourage a greater sense of connection between the southern part of New Mexico and the legislative process,” Rep. Rubio said.
The representative will be holding meet-and-greets with legislators and community leaders from both sides of the aisle along the way in order to hear first-hand what New Mexicans’ greatest concerns are leading up to the 2019 legislative session.
She also hopes to share some of the legislation she will be presenting over the course of the 60-day session, most notably the creation of an “Outdoor Equity Fund” which would provide funding to disadvantaged communities for outdoor activity programs. As New Mexico shifts towards Outdoor Recreation as a means for economic and cultural development, Representative Rubio notes that, “low income and communities of color don’t get access to the public lands and other things that I think we should be able to be a part of, so that’s part of the Outdoor Equity Fund.”
Rubio’s first stop will be in Hatch, then she will continue through to Truth or Consequences, San Antonio, Belen and the South Valley of Albuquerque before arriving Saturday, Jan. 12 at the Santa Fe Roundhouse.
Visit Rep. Rubio’s Facebook page for more information regarding her events – She also will be blogging about the ride at