Remy The Lion Beagle Survives Another Attack

Remy the Beagle recovering from recent dog attack. Courtesy photo


Remy the Beagle with wounds sustained Saturday in dog atack. Courtesy photo
After surviving a mountain lion attack in his backyard three months ago, Remy the Beagle faced another deadly attack Saturday evening, Aug. 8.
This time it was a dog that escaped its owner’s leash. At about 8:15 p.m., Remy was being walked on his leash along Canyon Road near the Myrtle Green at 5th Street in Eastern Area. Because three dogs were being walked toward them in the distance, Remy and his owner moved to the Myrtle side of the Green to avoid them.
In spite of this, two of the dogs escaped and charged across the Green to attack Remy. The owner shouted, “Oh my God, protect your dog!” One dog attempted to kill Remy with repeated attacks while its owner fought to restrain it.
The attacks were extremely violent and terrifying. The owner finally managed to stop the animal by grabbing it and laying his body on top of the dog. A Good Samaritan neighbor assisted Remy and his owner, driving them home in his pickup. Once again Remy was taken to the Emergency Vet Hospital in Santa Fe to be patched up.
He is recovering from two deep puncture wounds and many bruises. Witnesses were unable to identify the breed of the attacking dogs, nor the identity of the owners. The dogs were described as brown, 40 to 60 pounds, stocky build, and perhaps a “pit bull mix.”
The location of the attack is noted by the yellow star on the attached map. The owners state that the offending dog is a rescue dog that exhibits aggression toward dogs, and has been treated by professional trainers and with herbal remedies.
Dog owners should be alert to possible further attacks in this neighborhood.
Birds eye view of Remy’s attack. Courtesy photo
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