Registration Opens For PGA Junior League Golf

LAGC News:

Registration is now open for the PGA Junior League Golf (PGA JLG) at the Los Alamos Golf Course.

PGA JLG features a team-vs-team scramble format in a structured league setting that provides for a more popular, less stressful, competition. The emphasis is on the fun, recreation and sportsmanship of the game for players at any skill level. Where every participant gets the chance to play.

Teams consist of nine to 12 juniors ages 7 to 13. The cost is $150 per player and the season runs June 1 through July 12.

Players receive:

  • Team Jerseys
  • Golf Balls
  • PGA-JLG Bag Tags
  • 5-6 regular-season league competitions
  • Instruction from a PGA Professional
  • Team practices
  • Awards
  • Opportunity for All-Star Advancement
  • Access to the PGA-JLG Website

Or goal is to set up our own league here in Los Alamos with six teams. Players with little or no ability are welcome to join. We will hold a player tryout/assessment Saturday, May 9 at Los Alamos Golf Course.

The PGA JLG program is designed for boys and girls 7 to 13. Team Captains have the discretion to allow skilled younger players to play up on the team. A player cannot be 14 years of age prior to Aug. 1, 2013. Each competition is team vs. team, consisting of five 9-hole matches.

The format for each match is a two-player scramble. Players are assigned to a specific match at the beginning of the competition, and may play only within that match. Each three-hole segment of a match is called a “Flag”. Matches consist of 9-holes, or 3 “Flags” 1 point is awarded per “Flag”, 3 points available per match 4 total matches per competition 12 total points awarded per competition. If a “Flag” is tied, a half point is award-ed to each team. Every player attending a PGA JLG competition will play in a match.

Teams must have a minimum of 8 players to start a match. Each player in attendance must play at least one “Flag” (3-hole segment). Player substitutions will be allowed at the beginning of each new “Flag” (Holes 4 and 7). Players must stay with the original match they are assigned to.

For more information on how to sign up, call Los Alamos Golf Shop 505.662.8139 or visit