Regional Coalition Of LANL Communities Heads To Washington, D.C. Next Week

RCLC News:

SANTA FE — The Regional Coalition of LANL Communities (RCLC) is traveling next week to Washington, D.C. The RCLA will attend the Energy Communities Alliance (ECA) meeting and other meetings with Congressional offices and Department of Energy (DOE) government officials Feb. 20-24 to discuss matters relating to LANL’s upcoming management and operations contract, workforce priorities, mission diversification and legacy waste cleanup.

Members of the RCLC Board of Directors attending  the D.C. meetings will include Councilor Peter Ives of the City of Santa Fe, Councilors Chris Chandler and Rick Reiss of Los Alamos County and Commissioner Robert Anaya of Santa Fe County.

The Coalition will meet the House and Senate Armed Services Committees’ staff Feb. 22 to discuss sufficient funding and mission diversity at LANL, workforce recruitment support, funding for LANL construction and maintenance projects, support for the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, and enhanced host-community support and NNSA property transfer back to the communities.

The RCLC also intends to discuss a smooth transition with the next LANL prime contractor and clarify its acquisition timeline. The Board continues to send the message to Congress ensuring a Community Commitment Plan and local contractor preference is included and mandated through the lifetime of the next prime contract.

Based on estimates provided in Environmental Management’s Lifecycle Baseline Cost Estimate, the Coalition will be asking the House and Senate Appropriations staff of their respective Energy & Water Subcommittees for adequate  funding of LANL legacy waste cleanup at $199 million for fiscal year 2017 and $224 million for fiscal year 2018.

“Now is the time for the Regional Coalition of LANL Communities to send our critical messages in environmental  cleanup, mission diversification and continued LANL site funding to all those who have the power to ensure that our  goals are achieved, especially as Presidential appointed leadership and budgets are set to move forward,” RCLC  Executive Director Andrea Romero said.

Meetings Feb. 22 will be dedicated to discussions with the New Mexico Congressional Delegation staff regarding matters of community and economic development and environmental cleanup. The Coalition will follow up on findings from the previous day’s appropriations meetings and discuss further efforts on reaching the goals set forth on legislative priorities.

The Coalition members will go on to attend an Energy Communities Alliance meeting Feb. 23-24. Discussion will focus on what to expect at DOE headquarters and sites in the new Administration along with updates from National Nuclear Security Administration, Office of Nuclear Energy, Environmental Management, contracting, and topics regarding host-community perspectives and the future of high-level waste.