Recap of CIP Projects Funded Wednesday

Following two nights of Special County Council meetings, Tuesday and Wednesday, and the approval by Council of eight Capital Improvement Projects, Deputy County Administrator Steve Lynne this morning released the County’s Final CIP Schedule. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Initial County Capital Improvement Project fund balance available:

  • FY2013 $22,500,000
  • FY2014 $856,429
  • FY2015 $937,029
  • FY2016 $1,726,629

Projected funding additions:

  • FY2014 $5,000,000
  • FY2015 $4,773,000
  • FY2016 $3,300,000

Estimated avaialble funding subtotals:

  • $22,500,000
  • $5,856,429
  • $5,710,029
  • $5,026,629

Total estimated costs:

  • FY2013 $21,643,571
  • FY2014 $4,919,400
  • FY2015 3,983,400
  • FY2016 $3,840,900

Net funds remaining:

  • FY2013 $856,429
  • FY2014 $937,029
  • FY2015 $1,726,629
  • FY2016 $1,185,729

The County Council Wednesday evening funded eight Capital Improvement Projects as follows:

The $2,226,471 Ashley Pond Improvements Project ranked in first place and was approved by all seven County Councilors. Courtesy/LAC

The $4 million Los Alamos Teen Center Project was approved and this rendering is just one possible option for the facility. Renovation of a building in Center Park Square also is under consideration. Courtesy/LAC

The $4.3 million Nature Center was approved and will be constructed on Canyon Road. Courtesy/LAC

The $665,000 Eastern Area Sound Wall Project will provide traffic noise relief to residents and businesses in the area. Courtesy/LAC

A phased approach to the $11 million Golf Course Improvements Project was approved with expenditures over four years including $2,062,100 in 2013, $2,897,400 in 2014, $2,483,400 in 2015 and $3,840,900 in 2016. Courtesy/LAC

Council approved the $500,000 Canyon Rim Trail Project. Courtesy/LAC

The $1.522 million Ice Rink Improvements Project includes renovations to restrooms, locker rooms and the parking lot. Courtesy/LAC

Council failed to approve funding $15 million for the White Rock Civic Center Project but did approve $8.4 million for the project. Courtesy/LAC

Councilors also passed a $1.5 million placeholder for Public Schools projects.

Council did not approve funding for the following projects :

  • Aquatic Center Leisure Pool
  • County Radio System
  • A-19 Spine Infrastructure
  • Community Broadband

To view the County’s Capital Improvement Projects in detail, visit

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