Reagor: Response To Public’s Questions About GRT

Los Alamos County Councilor

The public has been asking questions about the GRT.

Here is a summary of the questions and my answers.

Please contact me at if you have any comments or questions.


Is GRT going to pay for broadband?

  • Answer: No

How much is broadband going to cost?

  • Answer: LAC staff estimate 35M$, but many technical choices have not been made.

How will the bill get paid?

  • Answer: The initial cost will be funded with a general obligation bond. The long term is yet to be decided. We should use our taxes and fees to pay for this bond when the time arises. It is not here yet.

I believe that the 0.5% increment would apply only to businesses in LA County, and that LA County government alone would receive the proceeds. Is that correct?

  • Answer: It applies to all the businesses in the county and the laboratory. All of the increase is for the county government.

What fraction of the LA County GRT is paid by activity at LANL?

  • Answer: 77%.

Do we qualify for state or federal broadband assistance?

  • Answer: By ourselves we have little chance of any funding. By partnering with neighbors such as pueblos or towns we may get some support for the regional network (usually called the middle mile).

Does the GRT increase pay for the new firefighter hiring?

  • Answer: No. The new firefighter hires, along with their station and equipment, are paid for by the DOE.

Is the increase small?

  • Answer: Yes. The county can make that argument every year. And increase it every year.
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