Ray Martinez Faces Preliminary Hearing Jan. 12

Los Alamos Daily Post

A preliminary hearing has been set for Jan. 12, for Ray D. Martinez, 29, of El Rito on charges of possession of a controlled substance, failure to display registration and driving while license is suspended or revoked.

Los Alamos Police Sgt. Monica Salazar-Casias was driving through a parking lot on Central Avenue Dec. 18, when she noticed a vehicle drive out of a parking spot that it had just pulled into. She followed the vehicle but had a very difficult time reading the license plate as it had a plate cover over it. Salazar-Casias eventually initiated a traffic spot and asked Martinez for his registration, driver’s license and proof of insurance but he only gave her an identification card.

When LAPD Dispatch ran Martinez’s information, they advised that he had seven suspensions on his record, with only one reinstated. Two other officers arrived on the scene and Martinez and his vehicle were searched. He was allegedly wearing a holster in his left jacket pocket.

Casias-Salazar asked the passenger in the car permission to search the vehicle for weapons. Her report states that beneath the seat she saw the barrel of a revolver sticking out as well as what appeared to be the magazine of a Glock.

“On examining the area more closely, I located a .22 revolver (possibly a Colt), two magazines for a 9 mm Glock and a 9 mm Glock. The Glock was loaded with one round in the chamber and a fully-loaded magazine. In total, there was one magazine with 15 rounds, one magazine with 17 rounds and a large magazine with 34 rounds (all 9 mm), as well as the revolver loaded with six .22 caliber bullets in the wheel,” Salazar-Casias stated in her report.

The report said the passenger stated she had no idea the weapons were in the vehicle. The Glock had a serial number that had been scratched off and the revolver had no make or model number on it.

When police ran Martinez’s name, the results indicated that he had a conviction for domestic violence so the report states that they planned to investigate his right to carry a firearm following that conviction.

After being transported to the Los Alamos Detention Center, officers reported finding a crushed pill in Martinez’s pants pocket. A presumptive test allegedly determined it was an opiate and Martinez allegedly told police it was Suboxone for which he did not have a prescription.

Martinez had his first appearance Dec. 19 before Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados.