Rainstorms May Account For Discoloration At Pond

Ashley Pond. Photo by TK Thompson

Staff Report

Residents have voiced concern with the water discoloration lately at Ashley Pond. The County Parks Department explains that some of the problems with the color of the water could be from frequent and recent storms, as the water from the road drain inlets on 20th Street do feed into the pond.

The County explains that nearby construction for the restrooms at the Community Building and heavy rainfall do cause some muddy conditions on 20th Street from parking and construction debris that may wash into the pond, although that likely isn’t a significant contributor.

The pond’s reconstruction two years ago addressed water quality issues that had arisen; however, water clarity issues were not expected to be completely eliminated even though the pond has a new recirculation system.

With respect to the fish in the pond and why they aren’t visible, or, have they been removed – the fish are still there. They are very small and stay in the deep water, however, park crews have reported that they do see them from time to time.


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