‘Rain Sung, Star Flung’ Premieres April 20


The community is invited to the premiere of “Rain Sung, Star Flung” at 7-9 p.m. Thursday, April 20 at Chamisa Elementary School in White Rock.

Admission is free and the content is family-friendly, but suggested audience is 10 and up.

Chamisa 6th grade teacher/Drama Club Director Cindy Richard wrote this science fiction film set on an alien world dubbed “Neuwirth” that humans disembarking from an Earth colony ship are now attempting to colonize. There isn’t any other intelligent life on the planet … or so they thought. Ten-year-old Lenzi begs to differ, though, as she is experiencing a telepathic link with a young alien who has been captured by an unidentified human. Lenzi’s 12-year-old brother Alex thinks it’s all in her head. But there isn’t much time. The young alien has been entrusted with a great responsibility by her people, and if she isn’t freed soon, the human colonists may face war with neighbors they’ve never even met.

“Rain Sung, Star Flung” stars seven student actors and three adults:

  • Uxue Sansinena (4th grade)
  • Dominic Dowdy (6th grade)
  • Wyatt Cionek (6th grade)
  • Caleb Langenbrunner (6th grade)
  • Emma Raven (7th grade)
  • Lia Rushton (5th grade)
  • Ravijit Khalsa (6th grade)
  • Tom Farish
  • Stuart Rupprecht
  • Jacinta Lestone

The talented student actors gained stage experience through Chamisa Drama Club, Chamisa Speech Contests, and teacher Cindy Richard’s 2015 production of “The Wrong Side of the Door”. The seasoned adult actors are regulars with the Los Alamos Little Theater.

“Rain Sung, Star Flung” is an independent production and is unaffiliated with local organizations.