P&Z Tables UNM-LA’s Rezoning Request Pending Clarification of Legal Issues

Planning and Zoning Commissioners from left, Mary McInerny, Ashley Mamula, Chair Anne Nobile, Deborah Gill, Michael Redondo and Larry Warner at Wednesday’s meeting. Commissioner Catherine Mockler was absent. Photo by Bonnie J. Gordon/ladailypost.com

Staff Report

At its Feb. 26 meeting, the Los Alamos County Planning and Zoning Commission did not hear Case No. 13-REZ-002, which involves the rezoning of property owned by the University of New Mexico and the location of the UNM-Los Alamos housing facility at 1203 and 1027 9th St.

UNM-LA hopes to construct a multi-use facility housing both students and other residents.

The Commission returned the matter to County staff for clarification of legal issues at Wednesday night’s meeting. The case is a request to waive the requirement for a minimum lot size of 2 acres to 1.88 acres in the multiple family residential-very high density R-3-H-40 District. The case also requests the rezoning of the property from multi-family high density to very high density.

The legal issue in question involves the differences in procedure of the waiver process and the rezoning process and which should come first. The question was raised by attorney and Los Alamos County Probate Judge Christine Chandler who lives across the street from the property in question.

Calling the issue “a bag of worms,” Commissioner Deborah Gill seconded the motion made by Commissioner Larry Warner to seek clarification of the legal issues before proceeding. The motion passed unanimously.