Purgatory Starts Making Snow – Opening Day Nov. 17

Purgatory Resort fires up its snow making system. Courtesy/Purgatory Resort/Josh Hamill
SKI News:
DURANGO, Colo. Thanks to the cold front that came through, bringing temperatures into the teens at the mountain, Purgatory fired up its snow making system at 10 p.m., Sunday night and made snow for a solid 12 hours.
These efforts come on the heels of last week’s natural snowfall. Last week’s storm brought a foot of snow to the mountain, which is still holding at the mid-mountain level and higher.
Before making snow, Purgatory’s mountain team started track packing, which compacts the snow and removes air from it, laying the groundwork to establish a solid base that will last throughout the season. Blowing snow on top of natural snow helps keep the ground cooler and makes it easier for the snow to bind with an existing layer.
“I’m incredibly proud of our snowmaking team and their efforts not only last night but also as they have prepared for the winter season,” said Sam Williams, senior director of mountain operations at Purgatory Resort. “They worked extremely hard to get our snowmaking system ready to go. So we were able to take full advantage of cold temperatures and have an extremely productive first night of snowmaking.”
Mid-October marks one of Purgatory’s earlier starts for snowmaking efforts. Purgatory plans to continue taking advantage of every snow making window.
Purgatory’s snowmaking team is on standby as they watch temperatures so they can continue making snow, which could be Monday night.
Purgatory is scheduled to open for the 2018/2019 season at 9 a.m., Saturday, Nov. 17.