Public Safety

WIPP Update: Breidenbach Officially Takes Over As NWP President & Project Manager

WIPP News:
On June 11, Phil Breidenbach officially assumed the role of NWP President & Project Manager, replacing Bob McQuinn. McQuinn served in that capacity for just over a year.
Breidenbach, who brings over 30 years of experience working at various Department of Energy facilities, served a key role in the development of the WIPP Recovery Plan following the radiological event. His past experience includes operations and project management at various nuclear facilities, including several that involved some type of recovery operations.

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Governor Unveils Ad Campaign To End DWI

Friday, Gov. Susana Martinez unveiled an ad campaign that raises awareness about the dangers and consequences of drunk driving.

The Governor also kicked off 100 Days and Nights of Summer, a statewide law enforcement effort that puts more police officers on the roads to target drunk drivers.

“Drunk driving has a devastating impact on New Mexico’s families, and we should do everything we can to stop it,” Martinez said. “That means tougher penalties, cracking down on DWI in every corner of our state, and letting New Mexicans know about the consequences.”

“Our message is clear: If you

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Los Alamos Police Negotiation Team Talks Man Out Of Barricaded Apartment On Canyon Road

Los Alamos Police Cmdr. Oliver Morris, left, speaks with bomb technician Sgt. Chris Ross after the negotiation team talks a distraught man out of his apartment where he had barricaded himself late this afternoon at Caballo Peak Apartments. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Los Alamos Police Officers wrap things up after a distraught man is talked out of his apartment and transported to LAMC. Photo by Carol A. Clark/

Los Alamos Deputy Police Chief Jason Wardlow Herrera, left, with officers leaving the scene late this afternoon at Caballo Peak Apartments. Photo by Carol

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Snake Aversion Training August 8 & 9

Rattlesnake. Courtesy photo


Worried about your dog and rattlesnakes?

JJ Belcher of Sublime Canine, Tucson, Ariz., is conducting  Snake Aversion training the weekend of Aug. 8-9 in Los Alamos.

Susan Ramsay of Los Alamos said she has brought Belcher out the last two years for snake avoidance training in addition to training with him regularly for obedience and tracking and said she can vouch for his methods, ethics and abilities.

He uses an electronic collar in the aversion training and trains for sight, scent and sound. The group training takes about 1.5 hours. Personal

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News Alert: Coyote Spotted On North Mesa

News Alert:

A resident contacted the Los Alamos Daily Post to alert the community that as he was leaving home after lunch today from the Broadview Subdivision, he observed “a fairly large coyote moving toward the soccer fields there at San Ildefonso Road and North Mesa Drive.”

He describes the coyote as “definitely not a dog and extremely large for a coyote.”

With children out of school for the summer, he wanted people living in the area to be aware of this potential threat o their children and pets.

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