Public Safety

Cone Zone: Week Of Aug. 24


Here is the Road Construction Update in Los Alamos County for the coming week:

Public Works Project

For more information about the projects listed below, please e-mail, call 505.662.8150 or visit the “Projects” link at Please slow down and use caution within the construction work zones. Please note the below information is based on a schedule provided by the contractors and may change due to weather or other delays.

Western Area Improvements Phase 3:

Roadwork continues on 43rd and 44th Streets north and south. Utility water line work continues

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Letter To The Editor: Confused About Sudden Dog Hoopla

Los Alamos
I am sort of confused about all the reports of dog attacks and such suddenly surfacing her in Los Alamos.
First of all, we have a wonderful team of animal control officers who take very seriously any report of a dog attack, and they do make owners accountable.
Secondly, people are making it sound as if any dog encounter is automatically going to erupt into a dogfight. That simply is not the nature of dogs. Coming from the ancestry of wolves, their first instinct is to not become injured, so fighting isn’t the first thing

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Former New Mexico Airlines President Gabriel Kimbrell Charged With Grand Theft And Scheme To Defraud

Former New Mexico Airlines President Gabriel Kimbrell. Photo/Personal Profile Page

Staff Report

Police in Miami have arrested former New Mexico Airlines President Gabriel Kimbrell and charged him with grand theft and organized scheme to defraud.

According to court documents, Kimbrell used his corporate credit card, which belonged to the airline’s parent company Pacific Wings, to make $22,791 in fraudulent purchases between January 2014 and January 2015.

Los Alamos County severed ties with New Mexico Airlines in January. New Mexico Airlines began canceling flights last November,

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Hazy Los Alamos Sky From Western Fires

Hazy skies. Courtesy photo

LAFD News:

The Los Alamos Fire Department explains that the smoky haze occurring in the sky over Los Alamos is coming from fires burning in the western states.

“We’re getting into the Fall pattern and the jet stream is pulling all the smoke from fires in Washington, Idaho, California, Oregon and Colorado right through Los Alamos,” Deputy Fire Chief Justin Grider said.

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