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Letter To The Editor: This Smacks Of Vendetta

Los Alamos

Jaret McDonald displays the significantly foolish over-reaction of too many of our current County Councilors (letter). He states that he favors a County Sheriff position, having been one himself, but: “The current Sheriff, Marco Lucero, has consistently tried to increase the role of the office beyond what the Charter established.”

The foolish over-reaction is to ‘solve’ this problem by abolishing the office. Yet the Council has control over it and the current Sheriff is term-limited and will leave office soon. All the Council has to do is be firm in limiting the

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McDonald: Nothing Inconsistent In My Views Regarding Office Of The Sheriff

By JARET MCDONALD, candidate
Los Alamos County Council

I have been criticized for stating that I will vote to eliminate the Office of Sheriff in Los Alamos County. People have criticized me for this because I ran for the office in 2014. I ran because I wanted to fulfill the duties of Sheriff as defined in the Charter of Los Alamos County. 

The current Sheriff, Marco Lucero, has consistently tried to increase the role of the office beyond what the Charter established.

On Sept. 15, County Council Vice Chair Susan O’Leary, wrote about this concern in the Los Alamos Daily Post (link). The following

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How B Reactor Worked And Its Mysterious Failure

Physicist Enrico Fermi. Courtesy/AHC


On Sept. 26, 1944, the B Reactor, the world’s first full-scale plutonium reactor, started up at Hanford. The next day, it mysteriously shut down. “The reactor went dead, just plain dead! Everybody stood around and stared,” physicist Leona Woods Marshall recalled.

After working all night, scientists led by Enrico Fermi calculated that the problem was being caused by Xenon, an element produced during the nuclear reaction. Physicist John Wheeler had warned that Xenon and similar elements, which absorb

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House Judiciary Committee Approves Legislation To Reinstate Death Penalty

News From The Special Legislative Session:

The House Judiciary Committee of the New Mexico Legislature approved legislation Friday evening to reinstate the death penalty in New Mexico for those who murder law enforcement officers, corrections officers or children.

The legislation, House Bill 7, is sponsored by Rep. Monica Youngblood and Rep. Andy Nuñez.

“The death penalty is a fitting punishment for the monsters that murder innocent children,” Youngblood said. “It gives prosecutors another option to use while they seek the justice these children deserve.”

“Too many law enforcement

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Legislation To Strengthen ‘Three Strikes Law’ Passes House Judiciary


SANTA FE – The House Judiciary Committee passed Rep. Paul Pacheco and Rep. John Zimmerman’s bill to reform New Mexico’s “Three Strikes Law”. 

HB 5, also know as “Lilly’s Law”, was approved by a bipartisan vote of 8 to 4. The legislation would expand the list of violent felony crimes that would make an offender eligible for mandatory life sentencing. No defendant has been convicted under the current law because the list of crimes included in the law is extremely narrow.

Pacheco and Zimmerman’s bill would expand the list of offenses to include crimes in which the perpetrator exhibits

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