Public Safety

LANL: A Universal Biosensor For Infectious Disease

LANL News:

With increased travel and globalization, the spread of new diseases has become a threat to global health—and global security. Whether in a rural village or an urban medical clinic, healthcare workers need diagnostics that provide answers then and there, for any disease, in order to effectively treat individual patients or widespread outbreaks.

That’s why Harshini Mukundan and her team at Los Alamos National Laboratory are working to develop a universal biosensor.

“If we are able to mimic the body’s immune recognition in the laboratory, we could have a universal strategy for the

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News Alert: Trinity Drive Closed Between 4th Street And DP Road Closed In Both Directions Through Tuesday

COUNTY News Alert:

Trinity Drive will remain closed between 4th Street and DP Road in both directions through Tuesday, July 11.

This emergency closure is due to a sewer line break.  

East Bound traffic is being diverted to Knecht Street. West Bound traffic is being diverted to Central Avenue.  

Local business access to DP Road is open via eastbound Trinity Drive.

No interruption in sewer services is anticipated.

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Veterans Honored By 33-Mile July 4th Flag Carry

Stephen Betts and his son Miroslav Betts run the last stretch of the Independence Day Flag Carry from Santa Fe National Ceremony to White Rock. Photo by Maire O’Neill/

The flag flies before the somber background of gravestones at 3 a.m. Tuesday at Santa Fe National Cemetery. Photo by Maire O’Neill


Los Alamos Daily Post

When a small group of people gathered at the National Cemetery in Santa Fe on the July 4 at 3 a.m. it was in fact the beginning of a huge patriotic endeavor to honor veterans of the United States military. A United States

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NMSP Releases July 4th Traffic Operation Results

NMSP News:
During the Fourth of July holiday, the New Mexico State Police participated in the Combined Accident Reduction Effort (CARE) operation across all roadways within the state.
The goal of the traffic initiative was that a strong law enforcement presence would have a direct effect on the driving behaviors of motorists during the holiday weekend, and, thus, reduce the number of crashes and increase motorist safety.
The NMSP provided an increased patrol presence during this initiative on roadways throughout all State Police districts. Because of the increased

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