Public Weighs in on County Sustainability / Energy and Water Conservation Plans

Christine Chavez, Water/Energy Conservation Coordinator for the DPU and Tom Nagawiecki, Environmental Services Specialist for the County discuss the drafts of the Los Alamos County Sustainability Plan & Energy and Water Conservation Plan during a meeting Friday. Photo by Greg Kendall/

Staff Report

Department of Public Utilities Water/Energy Conservation Coordinator Christine Chavez and County Environmental Services Specialist Tom Nagawiecki led a public forum Friday to review the drafts of the Los Alamos County Sustainability Plan and the Energy and Water Conservation Plan. 


These two plans go hand in hand with information from the County’s Sustainability Plan feeding into the DPU’s Energy and Water Conservation Plan and visa-versa.

Chavez and Nagawiecki are gathering public input to finalize these two plans. The DPU’s Energy and Water Conservation Plan is schedule to go before the Board of Public Utilities for potential approval at its March 20 meeting. 

The Sustainability Plan is scheduled to go before the Sustainability Board for potential approval at the Board’s March 21 meeting. The Sustainability Plan would then be reviewed for possible adoption by the Los Alamos County Council in the April time frame.

As part of Friday’s forum, attendees were invited to review a set of suggested strategies for Water, Recycling and Energy Conservation, and asked which of the following strategies they believe would be most effective, and that they would be most willing to utilize.

The attendees were giving a set of stickers including three First Choice (GREEN) stickers; three Second Choice (ORANGE) stickers; three Third Choice (PINK) stickers and asked to place the stickers next to the items as they saw fit.

This exercize will be repeated at a forum at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, Feb. 28 at the White Rock Town Hall. Those unable to attend may comment on the plans under consideration through the County’s open forum feedback webpage (see link below.)

Results of the sticker exercize with additional comments and suggested strategies written by attendees include:


To view the Sustainability Plan & Energy and Water Conservation Plan forum presentation, click HERE.

To view the Sustainability Plan Draft document and Energy and Water Conservation Plan Draft, Click HERE.

To access the County’s Open Forum website to read and make public comment on this and other projects, click HERE.





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