Public Lecture On Taos 400 Year Anniversary June 6

TAOS: A Topical History


TCHS News:
The Taos County Historical Society will present a free, public lecture, “Taos Cuarto Centenario/Taos 400 Year Anniversary” by F.R. Bob Romero at 2 p.m. Saturday, June 6, in the Kit Carson Electric Coop Boardroom, 118 Cruz Alta Road.
The program is part of the community’s 2015 Milestones of Taos, celebrating the centuries of Taos history, culture and art.
This talk will focus on the Cuarto Centenario de Taos or the 400 year celebration when Taos became Taos and the name Taos as we know it today was first scripted. The lecture coincides with the release of a new book by Bob Romero that is entitled History of Taos or Historia de Taos. The book is a commemorative edition of the last 400 years of Taos history.
In essence 1615 is when the Europeans (Spainards) discovered and first settled in Taos. In addition, the lecture will also elaborate on the other anniversary celebrations that are being celebrated this year that include 1715 when land grant acequia history began in Taos, 1815 when the Ranchos Church was completed and 1915 when the Taos Society of Artists was formed and launched Taos as a world renowned artist colony.
Bob Romero is a ninth-generation New Mexican and native-born Taoseno. He is semi-retired but he continues as an adjunct instructor at the University of New Mexico-Taos teaching courses in the history of Taos, history of New Mexico, and political science. He was director of Taos Educational Center from 1984-1993 and human resources programs coordinator in the Taos Municipal Schools from 1998-2005.
Romero has taught at Mesa State College in Colorado as well as New Mexico Highlands University, Northern New Mexico Community College and UNM-Los Alamos.
Romero holds an MA degree in history/governement from Adams State College/University in Alamosa, Colo. He is co-author of A Brief History of Taos (1992). From 2002-2009, Romero served as President of the Taos County Historical Society.
The Taos County Historical Society was formed in 1952 for the purpose of “preserving the history of the Taos area.” The Society invites public participation and support through annual membership, which includes subscriiptions to “Ayer Y Hoy” the Society’s periodic newsletter.
To become a member or learn more about the Taos County Historical Society visit here.
Taos County Historical Society – 2015 Programs:
  • “Taos Cuarto Centenario/Taos 400 Year Anniversary,” Bob Romero at 2 p.m., June 6. A ninth generation New Mexican and native born Taseono, Romero is a past president of TCHS, co-author of a Brief History of Taos (1992) and adjunct professor at UNM­Taos.
  • “Molino De Los Duranes”, Charles Hawk, followed by optional field trip to site at 2 p.m., July 11. Located in Ranchos de Taos this water­powered grist mill was built in 1897 and operated by the Duran family until the 1930’s. The mill served farmers in the valley grinding both wheat and corn into flour for both home use and sale.
  • Field Trip & Picnic Lunch, Canoncito de Manuel Andre Trujillo (Taos) Aug. 8. A northern New Mexico story of geology, archaeology, land grants and settlement.
  • Acequia Culture of Taos Valley” Dr. Sylvia Rodriguez at 2 p.m., Sept. 12. In celebration with the 300th anniversary of the Acequia de Los Lavatos an overview of the culutral traditions of acequias in northern New Mexico.  
  • “Ernest, Mary and Helen Blumenschein: A Taos Family of Artists” Elizabeth Jo Cunningham at 2 p.m. Oct. 3. Highlights of the careers and art of all three, their interactions and how they influenced each other.
  • “Sacred Places and Religious Traditions in Northern New Mexico” Michael Miller at 2 p.m. Nov. 7. The speaker will share information on early research, writing, and video productions with Corina Santistevan in 1980’s and 1990’s on sacred places and religious traditions. Michael Miller is a contributing author of “Sacred Places” to the TCHS volume, Taos: A Topical History.
Holiday Lunch, speaker Dr. Thomas Chavez, noon, Dec. 6. Author of Spain and the Independence of the United States, an Intrinsic Gift, Dr. Thomas Chavez served for 20 years as director of the Palace of Governors in Santa Fe and director of the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque.
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