Public Invited To 2nd Coffee With A Cop Oct. 28

LAPD News:

On Oct. 28, officers from the Los Alamos County Police Department and community members will come together in an informal, neutral space to discuss community issues, build relationships and drink coffee. 

This marks the second time the Los Alamos Police Department will conduct the Coffee with a Cop since June 2015.

All community members are invited to attend the event, which begins at 10 a.m. at the Rose Chocolatier at 991 Central Ave. You also can learn about the Rose Chocolatier at

Coffee with a Cop provides a unique opportunity for community members to ask questions and learn more about the department’s work in the Los Alamos community.

The majority of contacts law enforcement has with the public happen during emergencies, or emotional situations. Those situations are not always the most effective times for relationship building with the community, and some community members may feel that officers are unapproachable on the street.

Coffee with a Cop breaks down barriers and allows for a relaxed, one-on-one interaction.

“The Los Alamos Police Department plans to continue this program at different locations in Los Alamos several times a year to continue to foster understanding and positive relationships with our citizens,” Cmdr. Oliver Morris said.

The program aims to advance the practice of community policing through improving relationships between police officers and community members one cup of coffee at a time.