Public Briefed on N.M. 502–Trinity Drive Project

Los Alamos citizens view N.M. 502 Conceptual Design displays set up Wednesday in the Community Building during an open house. Photo by Greg Kendall/
Staff report

The New Mexico Department of Transportation held a public open house Wednesday to discuss proposed alternative revisions for the N.M. 502Trinity Drive project and to receive comments from the public as part of a required environmental review of the project. 

NMDOT project team representatives were present to discuss the project, along with Los Alamos County Public Works Division representatives.

NMDOT provided the following project summary:

During the past decade, the New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) and Los Alamos County have developed and evaluated several alternatives to reconstruct Trinity Drive (N.M. 502) from Knecht Street (Beginning of Project or BOP) to Tewa Loop (End of Project or EOP.)

Based on comments from the Los Alamos community and additional review of traffic conditions, NMDOT has developed a revised proposed alternative. 

Trinity Drive would be converted to two eastbound lanes along the entire corridor and two westbound lanes from Knecht Street to west of D.P. Road and from Central Avenue to Tewa Loop. 

One westbound lane is proposed from west of D.P. Road to Central Avenue. A roundabout is proposed at the intersection of Trinity Drive and Central Avenue. 

Sidewalks would be constructured in areas that do not have sidewalks and areas where existing sidewalks do not meet current standards. Two pedestrian crossings would be established across Trinity Drive. 

Storm drainage improvements would be constructed and utility work funded by Los Alamos County would also be included in the project.

Small image of N.M. 502 Conceptual Design. Photo by Greg Kendall/

To view a high resolution version of this image click HERE.

To comment on the N.M. 502Trinity Drive Improvement Project, submit a letter or e-mail to Eric Johnson, Marron and Associates, 7511 4th Street NW, Albuquerque, NM 87107 or

Eric Johnson may be reached by telephone: (505) 898-8848 or Fax: (505) 897-7847. 

Comments must be received March 6.

N.M. 502–Project History chart provided by NMDOT. Photo by Greg Kendall/
County Engineer Kyle Zimmerman explains proposed ‘HAWK’ crossing signals. Photo by Greg Kendall/
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