Property Owners Launch ‘Battle Of The Yards’ Challenge!

Plateau Property Management’s ‘The Lawn Rangers’ vs. Courtright Properties’ ‘Turf Wranglers’ have challenged each other to a ‘Battle of the Yards’ challenge. Courtesy photo


In the dog days of summer, a couple of local companies have decided to spice things up a bit and have a little fun in the process. Plateau Property Management and Courtright Properties have challenged each other to a “Battle of the Yards” challenge.

The Courtright Property crew, AKA Turf Wranglers, and the Plateau Property Management Crew, AKA The Lawn Rangers, launched the challenge Monday and it continues through Aug. 31.

The Challenge includes properties operated by both companies on Gold Street. The winning crew will receive $500 from the losing company. The basis of the challenge: which crew can maintain, keep clean, beautify and enhance their properties on Gold Street better than the other.

Three judges have been selected to review the properties each Friday throughout the rest of the month and keep score on a matrix known only to the judges.

The “battle of the yard” judges are:

  • Carol A. Clark, owner/publisher of the Los Alamos Daily Post;
  • Michael Arellano, Los Alamos County Building Safety Manager; and,
  • Paul Andrus, Los Alamos County Community Development Director.

As part of the competition, weekly photos will be taken each Friday and published in the Los Alamos Daily Post. The community can comment/vote back to the Daily Post as to what they think each week, and the community vote will play a role in the overall scoring throughout the month.

To participate in the community vote, the property addresses are:

  • Courtright Property Addresses – 3706, 3710, 3714, 3785, 3789, and 3793 Gold Street; and,
  • Plateau Property Management Addresses – 3707, 3711, 3715, 3784, 3790 and 3794 Gold Street.

So, while these two companies challenge each other to beautify and enhance their properties, drive on by now, take a look and tell us what you think!

The challenge has begun … GAME ON!

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