Priscila Rosa Top Predictor In Tuesday’s Weekly Pace Race

ACRR News:

Priscila Rosa is the best predictor in the weekly pace race Tuesday on American Springs Road in the Jemez with a difference of 2 seconds off her predicted time.

Other accurate predictors are: Mark Bjorklund at 8 seconds off; Matthew Kerr with an 18 second differential and was also the first place finisher on the 3 mile course at 21:42; Nikol Strother at 19 seconds off; and Ryan Smeltzer recording a 21 second difference.

William Strother, 12, is the best finisher on the 1 mile course with a time of 8:57 and the first female finisher is Anna Ferenbaugh, 12, at 11:16.

The top female on the 3 mile course is Savanna Strother, 13, recording a time of 24:38.

Next week’s race is 6 p.m. Tuesday, June 29 in Rendija Canyon on Barranca Mesa. 

Directions: Head out to Barranca Mesa and take San Ildefonso Road to the curve by the playground and take a left and go down into Rendija Canyon approximately 3 miles from that turn past the Sportsman’s Club to the small parking lot on the left.

1 and 3 mile gravel courses will be available.

For more information call 505.672.1639 or visit the ACRR Website.