Prepare for Finals … Join ‘Just Do It Study Group!’

Sopahn Kellogg prepares study note cards as DC Kim helps a fellow student with chemistry. Courtesy photo

Jacqui Hargraves focuses on math while Elsa Guinoiseau, a native French speaker supports students with their French homework and Caleb Crutella completes an assignment. Courtesy photo

Staff Report

Just Do It Study Group! Just in time to get those homework assignments turned in and prepare for final exams in two weeks. 
This opportunity might just be for you if you:
• Want to develop good study habits before you get to college.
• Need help with some difficult homework.
• Feel disorganized with school work.
• Procrastinate with your homework.
• Argue with your parents about power school and assignments.
• Are good at a subject and want to help others.
• Are hungry after school and need snacks and a place to work.
Research shows that all other things being equal, students that learn to study in groups perform better in college than students who go it alone. Basically this is students helping themselves and each other in a low stress, supervised and positive environment.
What? A great place to study, get homework done, receive or offer tutoring to another student. 
Where? UNMLA Adult Education Center – Building 7   –   Room B17
When? Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday from 3:15 to 5:00 pm
Who? Any LAHS Students
Why? To get and stay on top of your academic game along with your peers. 
Grab your friends and head across the street from the high school to meet at the Just Do It Study Group! Troy Palmer, student advocate of JJAB is the onsite coordinator.
For more information text or call Troy at 505.690-7889 or email: Snacks sponsored by Dr. Tom – Child and Adolescent Medicine.

Alex Csanadi answers questions about physics. Courtesy photo

Research supports that students who learn to study and work together have greater success in College. Courtesy photo