Preliminary Hearing For Daniel Merrill March 20

Daniel Merrill

Staff Report

A 29-year-old Los Alamos man was arrested Feb. 24 at Los Alamos Medical Center on charges of assault on a police officer and battery on a police officer during an incident in the hospital’s emergency room.

According to police incident reports, three LAPD officers responded to a report that Daniel Merrill had allegedly checked himself into the emergency room and was treated by hospital staff who reportedly gave him a prescription to be filled at a pharmacy. At this point, Merrill allegedly became “belligerent and aggressive” toward hospital staff because they would not fill the prescription for him. When staff and police officers asked him to leave the facility, he reportedly threw his boots and a water bottle, yelled at officers and staff, spat at an officer, stood on a bed and punched a light fixture on the ceiling.

He also allegedly made accusations of inappropriate behavior by staff members and at one point suggested officers take a staff member “out back”, indicating that the staff member “needed to be taken outside and shot”.

According to the incident report, the officers then placed Merrill on the floor, cuffed him and transported him to the Los Alamos County Detention Center without further incident.

He appeared before Magistrate Judge Pat Casados March 2 and was released on bond. A preliminary hearing is on the calendar for March.20.