Praise For Los Alamos County PW Employees

Los Alamos County Public Works employees have completed this street project on Zuni. Photo by Joel M. Williams
Los Alamos

It gives me a great deal of pleasure to write this letter, especially since it IS labor-day weekend!, in praise of the effort that Los Alamos County Public Works (Philo Shelton, Daniel Erickson and their staff) put forth in seeing that our cul-de-sac roadway was properly installed with quality attention.

I have included a list of those who labored before our very eyes to accomplish the extensive remedial action (the roadway was essentially dirt, ala Shelton!) in the accompanying table to see that they are properly identified.

I have included a photo to show the finished project; just finished last Friday. Looks really nice! The councilors and the county manager should be VERY PROUD of having these employees on-board.
Speaking for the citizens of Zuni North, we certainly are appreciative of the care they took to see that the job was done right and for doing it with such cheerful demeanor and with an effort to see that we residents were minimally inconvenienced!
Indeed, we are very fortunate to have such good, conscientious, and considerate people working for LAC! We hope the LAC councilors and manager will continue to see that LAC receives quality care by employing staff like these who treated us so well.