Power Outage In White Rock And Ski Hill


Lightning struck a utility pole near the Del Norte Credit Union on Rover in White Rock at 6 p.m. and downed an electric line. Approximately 600 customers between Sherwood, Rover and Grand Canyon are without power. Linemen are dispatched and are working on repairs. 

At approximately 8 p.m. electric linemen will need to deenergize the rest of the circuit to complete repairs, causing all customers in White Rock with the exception of Pajarito Acres, La Senda and Mirador to lose power. Estimated time of repairs to all customers in White Rock is expected by 9:30 p.m.      

In addition, a fuse blew at a transformer on Camp May, affecting customers at the Ski Hill and some customers on Fairview. Once electric linemen complete repairs in White Rock they will replace the blown fuse at the Camp May transformer. It is anticipated that power to the ski hill and the Fairview customers should be repaired by midnight.