Poultry Ordinance Pulled From Tonight’s Council Agenda


Poultry Ordinance 02-251 will NOT be introduced at tonight’s County Council meeting with a public hearing Oct. 10 as announced by the County and as posted on the County’s “Open Forum” webpage last week.

It has been pulled from the agenda for tonight and is being revised by the County Attorney’s Office to address only chickens in proximity to human habitation, not all poultry. As soon as the changes are made, the new text will be posted on Open Forum and a new public comment period will open. The new date for introduction of the revised Ordinance is expected to be Oct. 10 with a public hearing Oct. 28.

Because it is no longer moving forward, the previous text of the ordinance that was posted on the open forum last week has been deleted and the ability to make further public comment has been turned off, pending receipt of the new ordinance text pertaining only to chickens.