Posts From The Road: Fall Harvest Festival In Texas

Corn on the Cob: There has to be food involved at a gathering such as this and hot dogs and corn on the cob were on the grill at the Fall Harvest Festival in Stephenville, Texas. Photo by Gary Warren/
Sliding Through: Who knew large farming equipment could be converted into a fun slide for the children. Photo by Gary Warren/
Jumping for Joy: Seeing an event through the eyes of young twin boys makes you appreciate the efforts involved in hosting a family festival. Simple stacks of hay bales provide opportunity for the children to climb and jump around. Photo by Gary Warren/
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We are on the road to visit Marilyn’s mom and dad in the Houston area this week. On our way down, we stopped and visited relatives in central Texas. Fortunately, our stop coincided with the Fall Harvest Festival at the Lone Star Family Farm in Stephenville, Texas. 
This festival is held annually at the family farm. Activities are abundant for the child in all of us. Twin boys are a part of our extended family and we were able to meet their family at the festival. The boys were bubbling with excitement before we ever entered the gate at the Lone Star Family Farm. 
Once inside, the twins were off and running toward the different activities that were scattered about the field. There were thousands of pumpkins, gourds, corn stalks and fall decor in every direction. 
Attending an event like this with five year olds allowed us to see the activities through their eyes. There were hay bales stacked high to climb and jump on, farm equipment with a slide built into it, mazes, slides and more for the boys to check out. I don’t think they missed a thing as they ran from one activity to another. 
Festivals such as this are fun for everyone but seeing the event with twin 5-year-old boys brought the fun involved into a clear focus. The enthusiasm and smiles on their faces brought joy to all of us. Sometimes it is the unexpected and simple stops we make while traveling that we enjoy most of all. 
Editor’s note: Longtime Los Alamos photographer Gary Warren and his wife Marilyn are traveling around the country and he shares his photographs, which appear in the ‘Posts from the Road’ series published in the Sunday edition of the Los Alamos Daily Post.
Lone Star Family Farm: The host of this annual Fall Harvest Festival is the Lone Star Family Farm in Stephenville, Texas. Photo by Gary Warren/
Decorations: An old farm truck now serves as a prop for decorations during the fall festival. Photo by Gary Warren/
Pumpkins: Thousands of pumpkins were scattered among the decorations and activities at the fall festival. Photo by Gary Warren/