Posse Lodge Making Upgrades To Kitchen

The Los Alamos Posse Lodge. Courtesy photo


The Los Alamos Posse Lodge will be making some significant upgrades to its kitchen in December and January.

The kitchen upgrade is required by the New Mexico Environment Department (NMED) in order for the Posse Lodge to remain an approved Food Establishment and continue holding monthly Cowboy Breakfasts for the community. As a result, the Los Alamos Sheriff’s Posse Lodge will be closing for almost 2 months between Dec 7, 2015 and Jan 29, 2016.

The only monthly Cowboy Breakfast to be canceled will be Jan. 3. The breakfasts Dec. 6 and Feb. 7 will be held as scheduled, with the February 2016 breakfast showcasing the new kitchen.

“NMED has provided us a temporary Food Establishment permit every month for the Cowboy Breakfasts and additional permits for the Rodeo Dinner in August as well as other events held throughout the year,” says Geoff Brown, president of the Posse. “But a few years ago, NMED decided that we needed to become a more permanent Food Establishment since the breakfasts occur so regularly. We’ve had NMED out a couple of times to look at our kitchen – there is no concern with what we are doing at our breakfasts but we have to meet State guidelines on a number of things in order for them to approve us as a permanent Food Establishment. The main things we’ll be doing are replacing the floor in the kitchen, working on the walls, and replacing almost all of our equipment with items having the proper commercial certifications.”

Geoff adds, “Our current storage, cooking, serving, and cleaning practices have always met or exceeded the guidelines, but we have to meet the letter of the law, so to speak, to move from the monthly permits to an annual permit covering all operations.”

The Sheriff’s Posse will provide more information about the Lodge, events, and the kitchen upgrade in upcoming news articles in local papers and web-sites. Stay tuned for more details on the upgrade activities and a call for donations to help fund this activity.  Volunteers are needed to help accomplish this ambitious upgrade in the 2 months set aside.  For more information, check the Los Alamos Sheriff’s Posse website starting this weekend (www.lasheriffsposse.com) or e-mail the Posse now at lasheriffsposse@gmail.com.