Positive Progress Made On Pino Fire

SFNF News:

The Pino Fire, which began as a lightning strike on the Jemez Ranger District is now at 83 acres.

Firing operations were conducted on the southeast and east flanks of the fire Thursday. The consumption of fuels was thorough and favorable. Some smoke lingered over the area due to diminished winds. 

The fire is being managed for resource benefit. The fire is allowed to burn naturally and selectively with site specific hand ignitions to manage the rate and direction of fire spread. Managed fires are only allowed within certain specific parameters and conditions allowing fire managers and crews to be proactive. Fire crews will continue to monitor fire activity and scout control features.  

Weather conditions over the next several days will determine future fire management strategies and tactics. The goal is to monitor fire behavior closely until weather and other factors align in order to meet objectives.  

Smoke will continue to be visible during daylight hours and will settle in low lying areas overnight.