Popular Los Alamos History Young Adult Novel Back In Print

The Secret Project Notebook, published by Bathtub Row Press of the Los Alamos Historical Society, is back in print and the Society is celebrating with a week-long scavenger hunt in the History Museum.
Written by award-winning author Carolyn Reeder, The Secret Project Notebook is a historical novel for young adults about a seventh-grader named Fritz who has just arrived in the secret city of Los Alamos during World War II. Exactly what are his father and other scientists working on at the lab? Fritz is determined to find out. With the help of his classmate Kathy, Fritz searches for clues. He records each observation and every rumor in a notebook he doesn’t dare let out of his sight. Fritz explores the area with his friend Manny, becomes involved in a prank with unintended consequences, and gets into serious trouble when he and Manny show too much interest in a restricted area.
Throughout the book, Fritz fills notebooks with information on geology, local plants and trees, and the people he meets, besides his closely-guarded notebook on the secret project. Now his notebooks have been lost throughout the Los Alamos History Museum. If you find one of Fritz’s notebooks on a little card in the museum, bring it back to the museum shop to get a free bookmark of your choice and 10 percent off the purchase of The Secret Project Notebook
This event lasts through Sunday, Nov. 2, or until all the little notebooks have been found, whichever comes first. Come visit the museum this week to join in the celebration of the reprinting of this exciting and beloved novel.