Police Nab Shoplifter Fleeing Scene In Yellow Jeep

Robert Abeyta
Los Alamos Daily Post

Police stopped 22-year old Robert Abeyta of Espanola, Feb. 27, as he left the Smith’s Marketplace parking lot in Los Alamos in a yellow Jeep.

Cpl. Sheldon Simpson had been dispatched in response to reports of a shoplifting incident in which the suspect was seen leaving the scene. Simpson stopped Abeyta who admitted his license had been revoked, according to the police report.

While questioning Abeyta, Simpson observed several boxes in the Jeep and asked him what he was doing. Abeyta allegedly admitted that he had stolen a Keurig Coffee Brewer at Smith’s, at which point Simpson placed him in “investigative detention”.

According to the report, Abeyta eventually admitted that he also had taken other items inside the vehicle from Smith’s, including a block knife set, a set of cooking pans, and two boxes of kitty litter. 

Abeyta was transported to the Los Alamos Detention Center and booked on charges of shoplifting less than $500 of items and driving on a revoked license.