Police Nab Brothers Attempting To Cash Forged Check

Eric Sanchez
Los Alamos Daily Post

Two brothers from Albuquerque were arrested Monday at Los Alamos National Bank in White Rock after one of them attempted to cash a forged check for $2,250. Eric Sanchez, 29, and Kevin Sanchez, 24, were in a car in the drive-through area when Los Alamos Police Cpl. Gabriel Nieto responded to a report of someone attempting to cash a stolen check.

Kevin Sanchez

Cpl. Nieto placed both men in investigative detention and searched them for weapons. The search of Kevin Sanchez revealed a pen with tape and a socket at the end of it and Nieto’s report indicates that he observed a burn residue in the socket as if it was used for smoking something.

The driver, Eric Sanchez allegedly told Nieto he was going to cash a check he got when he sold a lady a piano over the weekend. While talking to the men, Nieto was approached by an elderly woman who told him the check Eric Sanchez was trying to cash was hers. During his investigation, the woman told Nieto she had placed four checks in her mailbox Saturday, May 13, and noticed the next day that they were gone. She said the check for $2,250 was made out to Doctors Without Borders. When Nieto examined the check Eric Sanchez tried to cash, he could see that something had been written and erased before Eric Sanchez’s name had been written on the pay to line. In the process of arresting the two men, Nieto located a quarter-full bottle of vodka on the floor of the vehicle.

During a post-arrest inventory of the vehicle, Nieto and Sgt. Monica Salazar found a bag of needles and a white bottle containing a black substance, suspected to be heroin.

Eric Sanchez is charged with forgery, possession of a controlled substance, larceny, open container and two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia. Kevin Sanchez is charged with possession of drug paraphernalia.

Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados found probable cause for both men Tuesday in court.