Police Caution Motorists to Slow Down and Leave Plenty of Space Between Vehicles!

A tow truck arrives this morning at the scene of a two-car accident with minor injuries on Diamond Drive. Photo by Val Smith


Los Alamos Daily Post

This morning, there was a two-car accident on Diamond Drive between Conoco Hill and the Los Alamos Baptist Church. Minor injuries were reported in that accident.

An eyewitness reported that early Wednesday evening he saw a motorist slide into the vehicle in front, bounce off and slam into the guardrail on the Omega Bridge. Minor injuries also were reported in that accident.

“We want to caution motorists to decrease their driving speed, especially with current weather conditions putting ice on the roadways,” Los Alamos Police Commander Preston Ballew told the Los Alamos Daily Post this morning.

Ballew added that it is equally important to put plenty of space between vehicles on the road.

“Even if you are driving 10 miles an hour, if the vehicle in front of you suddenly stops, you will slide into it,” Ballew said. “We can’t emphasize enough the importance of lowering your driving speed and keeping a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you.”