Police Arrest Local Man In Apartment Explosion Case

Juan Gonzales

LAPD News:

The explosion at Caballo Peak Apartments is currently a joint investigation involving Los Alamos Fire and Police Departments, the State Fire Marshal’s Office and the ATF.

During the course of the investigation, Juan Gonzales, 28, a resident of Los Alamos, was arrested and charged with two counts of resisting/evading or obstructing an officer and one count of bribery/intimidation/retaliation of a witness.

Gonzales was taken before Los Alamos Magistrate Judge Pat Casados and then released on his own recognizance.  

Another man was taken to the burn center in Denver.

This investigation is still active and ongoing and future arrest(s) are imminent.

Background: At approximately 1:30 a.m. Monday, LAPD responded to reports of an explosion at 3301 Canyon Road, which is the location of Caballo Peak apartments. They found one male individual injured and signs of an explosion inside one of the apartments, with damage to the windows and doors of the apartment and a small fire inside the apartment. LAFD firefighters arrived on scene and were quickly able to extinguish the fire. LAFD emergency response crews treated the injured male for burns and he was transported to the local hospital. The individual’s current medical condition is unknown.

For public safety, LAPD evacuated the building where the explosion occurred as well as the immediately adjacent buildings. Crews from the Dept. of Public Utilities were dispatched to disconnect water and gas to the building, as well as disconnecting electricity to the single apartment where the explosion occurred, as a safety precaution. County officials from the Building Division were called out to assess structural damage. At this time, all utility services have been restored to the building.

In addition to public safety precautions, LAPD and LAFD closed the apartment complex area to residents and visitors while they conducted an investigation into the possible cause of the explosion and whether any criminal activity had taken place. An emergency shelter had been prepared by the Red Cross in case any residents were displaced overnight, however, LAPD officials are coordinating to break down the shelter as it is no longer needed.

Residents of Caballo Peak Apartments were given the “all clear” at 4:30 p.m., Monday by LAPD to re-enter their homes after an explosion early this morning caused some of the buildings in the complex to be evacuated.

The damaged apartment where the explosion occurred continues to be secured and part of an active police and fire investigation.