Pokémon At Rose Chocolatier’s ScienceFest Booth

Pokémon GO players can enter to win prizes today at Rose Chocolatier’s ScienceFest booth across from Fuller Lodge Art Center. Courtesy photo
Marguerite McClay and Mary Jo. Courtesy photo
The Pokémon were probably attracted by the smell of rich dark chocolate Fudgesicles. Or maybe they just wanted to play with all the colorful boxes with their handcrafted bows.
And now that ScienceFest is underway, they’re nibbling on the Devil’s Food cake, swiping the salted caramel truffles, and tasting the lemon tarts.
“Pokémon have taken over my ScienceFest booth. We have to catch them all!” said Marguerite McClay, owner of Rose Chocolatier.
This week, Pokémon GO players can enter to win prizes at Rose Chocolatier’s ScienceFest booth. Los Alamos kids, parents and all Pokémon fans are invited to download Pokémon GO at (http://www.pokemongo.com/en-us/)
Just be sure to stop by the Rose Chocolatier booth at ScienceFest 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., today, July 16. The booth is on the sidewalk directly across from Fuller Lodge Art Center. Show us your Pokémon GO “Pokédex” and you can enter the drawing.
Pokémon GO is a free mobile app that Nintendo released in early July for iOS and Android. The game is played by walking around outside and seeing wild Pokémon appear on your device’s screen and catching them. All of the Pokémon that you catch get added to your Pokémon GO “Pokédex.”
When the game was first released, Rose Chocolatier decided to get in on the fun. They will make sure that Pokémon hunters have plenty to find in their store at 991 Central Avenue, in Los Alamos, and they promise to have extra power strips on hand to charge up those phones.
Fudgesicles. Courtesy photo