Pinon’s Chihuly Exhibit Reveals Student’s Artistic Talents

The source of inspiration for the show and some of the pieces. TK Thompson/

Monday’s Dale Chihuly Art Exhibit at Pinon Elementary School in White Rock revealed a wealth of talent within the local student community.

The event wasn’t an exhibit of renowned artist Chihuly’s work, but he served as an inspiration to the students to create artworks resembling his style.

Students used a plastic sheet media that could be softened in warm water and bent into any desired shape, which was then painted/stained using special colored materials.

Pinon Art Teacher Stephanie Rittner, who originated the show idea and mentored the students, discusses the work with fellow art teacher Sandra Harding from Santa Fe. Photo by TK Thompson/

Giulia Pope shows mom Alicia her part of the Pinon Tower construction while brother Andrew looks. Photo by TK Thompson/

Kim McKinley points to her artwork in the show, being careful to obey the “Do Not Touch” sign. Photo by TK Thompson/

The entry foyer of Pinon Elementary School in White Rock served as a gallery for the student’s show of Chihuly-inspired artwork. Photo by TK Thompson/

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