Pinon Students Share Smiley Rocks With Community

Pinon Elementary School students will share painted rocks with the White Rock community. Courtesy photo
These rocks are sure smiles to those who find them. Courtesy photo


Students at Pinon Elementary are sharing free smiles with the White Rock community. They have been spending their lunch periods in the art room painting rocks. The finished rocks will be hidden all over Write Rock. Some may even make their way up the Hill.

“We want to spread happiness by leaving hidden smiles in places people would not expect to find them,” Pinon Art Teacher Stephanie Rittner said. “If you find a smiley rock, you can keep it, or you can hide it somewhere else to spread the joy.”

Those finding a rock are encouraged to take a picture of where they found it and email it to “The kids might enjoy knowing their ‘smiles’ were found,” Rittner said.

This project has been a collaboration of Rittner and Britton Donharl, Pinon parent and Pinon substitute teacher.