Physical Therapy Plus Celebrates 25 Years

From left, Office Manager Michelle Pinkerton and Physical Therapy Plus owner Annette Weyrauch at their Los Alamos location. Photo by Greg Kendall/

Los Alamos Daily Post

Annette Weyrauch, MSPT, is celebrating 25 years of providing physical therapy services in Los Alamos.

Weyrauch owns Physical Therapy Plus, Inc. with locations in Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Pojoaque. She began her business working as the only physical therapist and has grown to employ seven physical therapists among her three offices.

Her Los Alamos office is open Tuesday through Friday and Weyrauch spends time every week at each location. 

“One thing that sets us apart is we only have physical therapists. It is really very important. Sessions are one hour with one dedicated physical therapist,” Weyrauch said. “We figure out what is really wrong. The symptom may be foot pain, but that does not mean that this is the cause. It could be your lower back. We treat the cause instead of just the symptom.”

That is why when someone comes in with a headache, Weyrauch may start by exploring their foot. Weyrauch explained that her goal is to make the patient better.

Although she has been in business for 25 years, Weyrauch says that people “still don’t know I am here.” Her good work has led to business growth through word of mouth in Los Alamos, Santa Fe and Pojoaque. Patients refer family and friends and doctors refer patients to her and her team. 

“We treat everyone from young to old,” Weyrauch said.

Physical Therapy Plus uses few machines. The goal is to get function back. Weyrauch said that she will take patients out running or mountain biking if that is what it takes for the person to recover.

Weyrauch came to Los Alamos with her now ex-husband who is a physicist and said she enjoys living in Los Alamos.

“I like the high quality of concerts and the library. The people keep me here,” Weyrauch said. “I love the international flare. One day you are talking to someone from Mexico, the next day Italy and Japan the next.”

A 4th degree black belt studying under Ron Geoffrion, Weyrauch also enjoys cross country skiing, back packing and hiking. She is a past-president and a current member of the Tuff Riders and said she loves mountain biking. Weyrauch also said that she thinks the Mountaineers is a great group in town … hiking is made more enjoyable because she always learns something about the geology and plants along the hike as the Mountaineers are filled with experts.

She went on to say that Los Alamos is very quiet and she feels safe here. Weyrauch can leave her bike outside and when she returns, it is still there.

“I can go right into the national forest on my bike,” she said.

Weyrauch said that she believes the Cerro Grande Fire brought the town closer together, especially during the tree planting projects with Open Space Specialist Craig Martin.

“We all help and you feel that here. That’s what keeps me here. Why should I leave?” Weyrauch said.

Weyrauch said she is proud of the many services her practice offers patients. Physical Therapy Plus specializes in treating: 

  • Chronic and acute pain
  • Back and neck pain, stiffness
  • Post Surgical Rehab, including:
       – back, neck 
       – rotator cuff
       – ACL repair
       – shoulder, hip and knee replacement
       – wrist and hand
       – foot and ankle
  • Injuries after car accidents or falls
  • Swelling from lymph edema or trauma
  • Neurological difficulties including strokes
  • Balance and falls
  • Ergonomics
  • Headaches, Whiplash and TMJ

Physical Therapy Plus, Inc has three office locations:

1350 Central Ave., Suite 105, Los Alamos (505) 662-3384

435 St. Michaels Dr., Santa Fe (505) 982-5629

101 Lightning Loop, Suite D, Pojoaque (505) 455-7130


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