Pereyra: Governor, I Implore You To Find Alternatives To Cuts In Education

Los Alamos
Today, I began to hear more and more about the proposed cuts to education and state employees.
It breaks my heart to think that so many will be effected by these cuts and many of those individuals are those educating the future of America. I have worked in the public schools for two years now and the pay is not the best.
Individuals in the education profession do not educate for the money, but because we are passionate. We love seeing the look in a child’s eyes when they grasp a new concept, make a new friend, or when they receive praise for their hard work.
As passionate as we are, it is difficult to continue to have a positive attitude when cuts are being proposed that would lessen what little money we earn. The hard working staff members, in every school of the state, work hard to ensure every students success. They teach every child to strive for success in every aspect of life.
For all these reasons and more, I implore the Governor, will all due respect to her, to please find an alternative to cuts if at all possible. Please do not weaken the education department any more. Please help these hard working individuals through all the struggles they face.