Pendergast: Art and Science of Entertaining

Los Alamos

Greetings to each of you reading my first Art and Science of Entertaining column.

My hope for you, after you read my words, is for you to not be surprised should you find yourself racing to your email, phone or stationary and inviting  friends, family and long-lost connections and saying to them, “Hey there – come on over – let’s share some time together, a game, talk, drinks, hors d’oeuvres, fun and friendship.”

Don’t be shy or hesitant to suggest that your guests bring along a spirit or goodie to share with everyone either. My suggestions and ideas here are to spread the enjoyment and participation of the gathering and for it to be calm and no fuss.

My Art and Science of Entertaining column will appear in the Los Alamos Daily Post the first Sunday of each month. I will strive to share a myriad of gathering and party ideas I have learned entertaining small and large groups over the years.

My ultimate monthly goal is to assure you that regaling with your friends and guests certainly never need be intimidating. Indeed it is to be a sharing, a gift, a pleasure, which you give yourself, while sharing this gift with all who accept your invitation.

Today’s entertaining should involve practicality mixed with ease, decorum and imagination tempered with originality, enjoyment and certainly most importantly, a full serving of wit. Remember, it just has to be fun, too.

Couple this with a mixture of old tried and true family recipes and treats plus new favorites. Keep in mind though, people are paramount. Simple eats are always best.Spontaneous entertaining, I certainly have found, is wonderfully enjoyable for all involved. There need not be a reason to plan a gathering – it is simply (I love that word) a way to spend much treasured time with those who are near, dear and interesting to you.

Here in arises a prophetic reminder of what the purpose of good old fashioned getting together should be – time enjoying each other – no clocks, no agendas and oh please – no cell phones.

Next month: A Suggested Guide to Regaling Your Guests. See you then!

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