PEEC: Dr. Jonathan Dowell Presentation Tuesday

PEEC News:
Dr. Jonathan Dowell of ReefNews, will make a 40-minute presentation, “Life on the Reef,” with colorful pictures and stories about the amazing creatures that make up the coral reef.
Since 1997, Dr. Dowell has photographed thousands of creatures while visiting reefs from the Netherlands Antilles to the Marshall Islands. You’ll see a Goby cleaning the teeth of a Moray Eel, Groupers that would swim up and look you in the eye, Angelfish in all the colors of the rainbow, and even giant Sharks.
Dr. Dowell will explain how half of Earth’s biodiversity fits into such a small part of the oceans and will discuss what we can do to help protect this wilderness even from New Mexico. Refreshments will follow.
This presentation supports the Eagle Scout project of candidate Joseph Merl from Troop 122. The PEEC is located in Los Alamos at 2600 Canyon Road.