Paulina Burnside Nails Pace Race Prediction

Pace Race runners round the bend in Tuesday’s race. Courtesy photo


Pace racers try to predict their run and walk times for known course  lengths. Tuesday night, Paulina Burnside aced her prediction on the three mile Turkey Trot course in the Bayo Canyon/North Mesa area.

One and two mile courses also were available, but two of the next three best predictions were also on the longest course. Bill Rice, Roxana Candia and Paul Elkins had respective errors of 24, 28, and 30 seconds.

Fastest finishers for the one mile course were Patricia Burnside (9:29) and Elkins (14:50), while the fastest runner on the two mile course was Zachary Medin (17:07), Ted Romero (19:32) and Candia (23:47) were the fastest male and female runners on the three mile course.

Next week’s pace race will be on a trail in Water Canyon in the White Rock area. The location is 2.8 miles on N.M. 4 southwest of the N.M.4/Pajarito Road intersection. For more information. call 672-1639 or visit

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