Patricia Burnside Best Predictor in Tuesday’s Pace Race

ACR News:

Thirty six runners and walkers participated in Tuesday night’s pace race in the Western Area. A one mile course on pavement and sidewalk was available and one and three miles courses on the Satch Cowan and Quemazon Trails offered challenging trail negotiation. 
Three of the four best predictions were obtained on the paved course. Patricia Burnside’s adjusted 9 second error was followed by daughter Melina Burnside’s 12 seond error and then Colin Pedicini’s 87 sec. error. Fourth best prediction, and best for the difficult 3 mile trail was Rosa Schmitz (115 sec.)  
Fastest runners on the one mile course were Melina Burnside (8:19) and Pedicini (13:16) and quickest on the 3 mile trail was Ted Romero (33:12) and Nikol Strother (33:26). Youngest runner to complete the 3 mile trail was 12 year-old Paulina Burnside (38:06).
Next week’s Roadrunner pace race, at 6 p.m., will be “The Run With a View” starting on the north side of S.R. 501 across from LANL’s S-Site, about 2 miles west of the ski hill road intersection. One and three mile courses on pavement and mountain trail will be available.
Call 505.672.9243 or 505.672.1639 for more information or visit on the Internet.
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