Parsons: The Core Energy Coaching Difference

The Core Energy Coaching Difference

One of the most important things that most individuals want to know about Life and Leadership coaching is the underlying philosophy and principles. Most coaches base their practice on the traditional coach approach, which is about helping people take their goals to fruition, or taking them “from where they are to where they want to go.”

Essentially, this philosophy of coaching involves working with individuals, couples, groups, or organizations to help them clarify and focus on a goal, determine action plans and next steps, hold them accountable, and move them forward as they seemingly desire.

That traditional model provides focus and organization, and does help people to achieve their goals. (Mostly, because coaching works to some degree in any form). However, because people and their lives are much more complicated than they appear to be, and because every aspect of their lives has an impact on the goal they say they want, the results the traditional method of coaching brings are often insignificant and short-lived.

This is because the traditional model of coaching focuses on a person’s actions. When you help change someone’s actions, they will get some results; but changes at this level aren’t sustainable because the underlying thoughts and emotions that truly drive actions are not addressed. Without changing core thoughts and emotions, clients will revert back to their old routines and actions.

The only way to create sustainable change and exponentially greater results is to help individuals change the way they think and feel by helping them break through their limiting thoughts and emotional responses, and replace them with supportive, empowering beliefs that get them to take powerful and consistent action.

This is the heart of my philosophy and process: The Core Energy Coaching Process™ developed by iPEC.

This unique process is intended to help people be at the cause of their lives, instead of its effect. You see, too often people react to circumstances; they get “behind the eight ball” as it’s said. The vast majority of the time, this is where the sense of overwhelm, stress, and uneasiness comes from. I believe that no one has to live at the effect of life.

The Core Energy Coaching Process is about reversing this situation, giving individuals the opportunity to be the cause of all of the great things that they truly want to experience in their lives.

As your coach, I commit to empowering you to discover what is holding you back from business success, marital bliss, parenting paradise and relational health! Together we will identify your strengths, reveal and define your C.O.R.E.!

What’s your L Factor? Take the Energy Leadership Assessment™! Together we will determine a baseline revealing how you respond to stresses and successes. We will uncover how your attitudes, perceptions, and behaviors affect your over all life and leadership performance so that you can genuinely “Walk Your Talk” in every area of your life!

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